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Just for 3 Minutes 

Discover what the world’s best athletes have known for a decade.

Cryotherapy has finally arrived in Albania!

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R E J U V E N A T E 

Cryotherapy consists in the exposure of the body surface to very low temperatures (between -110º to -196ºC), for a short period of time (from 2 to 4 minutes). This is possible thanks to the use of the evaporated liquid nitrogen, always in a controlled environment and under medical supervision. Extreme conditions of cold are used to create a body response. This response has three levels: circulatory, muscular and neuroendocrine.

The reduction in the superficial skin temperature stimulates the thermoreceptors (sensors that react with cold stimulations). Thermoreceptors send a signal to the brain in order to generate a response as a defense mechanism to the imminent hypothermia situation.

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